Porsche is an iconic brand known for power and reliability.  These cars are a tribute to German engineering.  To keep your Porsche running at optimum levels you need service that is second to none.  Our specialized expertise and experience will ensure your Porsche is maintained, repaired and serviced for top performance and longevity.

No matter how many years you've owned your Porsche, it should meet the same high performance standards as the first day you drove it off the lot.  Maintaining your Porsche is a must and we perform all Porsche recommended servicing.  Your car needs regular maintenance and attention to achieve peak performance.

Porsche Service

Protect your investment and don't delay in addressing any maintenance or mechanical issues.  When you trust TurboKraft with your Porsche we diagnose and address root problems before they become bigger issues.  A small indicator of wear and tear can quickly turn into a major mechanical problem if not properly diagnosed, leading to unnecessary and costly repairs.  If you defer maintenance it can lead to a much larger repair bill and longer time in our garage.

Accident repairs need to be performed by professionals.  If your Porsche is in an accident, bring it to us.  We specialize in building Porsche's from the ground up and can put your car back together to make it as good as new.  An accident can be traumatic for you and debilitating for your vehicle.  Allow us the opportunity to repair and rebuild your Porsche to get it back to its original high performance and safety standards.

Oil Changes Need to Be On-Time and Complete

There are some basic maintenance items that you can’t afford to ignore and regular oil changes are among them.  When you skip or prolong your oil changes, you risk seriously damaging your engine.  Oil becomes contaminated over time, so the longer you wait to perform an oil change, the more contaminants you have in contact with your engine.

In addition to maintaining an appropriate oil change schedule, your oil change needs to be complete.  Some people consider topping off their oil and “oil change.” This is incorrect and can lead to expensive mechanical problems.  The oil in your car is responsible for lubricating and preserving your engine.  If you do not actually change the oil but simply add new oil on top of what is already in your vehicle, you haven’t removed any of the dust or debris that accumulates over time and use.  The contaminants can and probably will cause damage to your engine.

It’s important to note, there is no one rule regarding oil changes.  If you drive frequently you may need more oil changes than your neighbor who rarely goes out.  Scheduling also depends on the type of engine in your vehicle and the type of oil used.

Don’t Let Your Porsche Leak for Long

Certain models or years of vehicles are often times more susceptible to oil leaks than others.  Sometimes parts in a vehicle can be more likely to fail or break creating a leak.  Other times, simple wear and tear over a long duration or frequent use can create a situation that spurs a leak.   The Porsche 997 911 model is notorious for oil leaks caused by the rear main seals.

If you are concerned that you might have an oil leak, don’t procrastinate.  If your vehicle runs out of oil or has contaminated oil running to the engine, you could face disastrous consequences.  Check your vehicle regularly for any signs of a leak.  If you notice small pieces of metal in your filter, this could be parts of a bearing and needs immediate attention.  If you notice spots under your car, investigate immediately.  If needed, place a piece of cardboard or paper under your vehicle to help determine the placement, color and thickness of the liquid that is leaking.  Make certain that you check your oil levels often.  If you have to replace or add oil to the reservoir often, you may have a leak.  Oil leaks are often indicators of another issue.  It is important to have a professional examine your vehicle closely and accurately diagnose the problem.  Some mechanical issues start out small and lead to much larger problems when left uncorrected.

Fuel System Care Is Critical

Your fuel system is an integral part of your high-performing Porsche.  This system is responsible for delivering gas to the engine via the fuel injection system.  There are some warning signs that this system is in distress.  If your vehicle demonstrates any of these signs have it checked out as soon as possible.  Porsches are known for their power and speed.  If your Porsche stumbles or sputters or demonstrates lackluster performance, this could be an indicator of a faulty fuel system.  The fuel must get to the engine as efficiently as possible for your Porsche to reach optimum speeds as quickly as possible.  If you have trouble starting your car, this could also be an indicator of fuel not making it to your engine.  Your fuel pump or injector could be damaged and need to be replaced.  Noises that can’t be identified are also worrisome.  A faulty fuel pump may make noise. While you should be enjoying your Porsche to the fullest, it is important to turn the music down and listen to the hum of the vehicle.  If something doesn’t sound right, check it out.  If you can’t find anything wrong but the noise becomes louder or is consistent, consult an expert.

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